Friday, January 13, 2017

Innocent and Naive

I still love our loose mineral eye pigments! This is such a fun look! Easily created with Innocent, Naive, Corrupted and Devious as my liner!  Create your look and shop the set of 4 and save at!

Use Innocent eye pigment all over from lash to brow.  Naive is a light creamy gray.  Blend this color across your entire lid and into your inner corner of your eye.  In your crease, using a crease brush apply Corrupted, a matte grayish/black.  Then grab your liner/shader brush, make the liner side wet to turn these loose pigments into a bold liner.  Grab your Devious, the perfect shade for a liner, and gently with short strokes line the top of your eye.  Finish off with your 3d+ mascara and lipgloss in Loveable!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Beauty Arsenal with Stoic & Palette 3

I am loving this look for today!  I'm going to walk you through exactly what I did and what colors I used!  

First, create your flawless base face with Primer, Liquid Touch Foundation, Concealer under your eyes in the triangle shape to highlight.  Then contour using our Sculpting Trio.  A chart of where to place your contour, highlight and illuminator is below, but also on the product!  Perfect reference!  You can snag all of these products in a special bundle called the Beauty Arsenal.  You know I love to save money!  Comment below and I'll get you color matched and snag your collection HERE !!

Alright, lets move onto the eyes.  They're really super simple, just remember, blend blend blend!  I started with our cream shadow in Victorious which is a nice creamy base color.  I applied from lash to brow.  Then, I used our loose eye pigment in the color Provoked, an orange-brown.  I used a crease brush and dusted in my crease and one brush stroke above my crease and blended.  This will be your transition color, so it's ok to bring up a little higher towards your brow.  This color will help blend all other colors together.

Then, I grabbed Addiction Eye Palette #3 for the rest of it.  First, I applied Determined over my lid and up into that first crease color a bit with the Deluxe brush.  Then, Ecstatic has a hint of shimmer, not too much, and with my crease brush I blended into my outer corner and into the crease to darken the edges.  

To clean up the corner of my eye, I use my concealer brush, which is actually made by ELF, you can get this for a few bucks at Walmart, Target, etc.  I use what is leftover on my brush and using an upward motion cleaning up and sharpening the "point" of my outer edge of my eye.  Then, using the liner/shader brush I make the liner side wet and dip into Irate, which is a deep black to use as my liquid eyeliner, which I think is the EASIEST way to apply liquid liner.  Quicker is always better in my book!  Finish off the look with the 3d+ Reboot mascara to define those eyes further and plump up those lashes and top off your lips with the Splash Liquid Matte Lipstick in the color Stoic.  

Such a fun, warm winter look.  Happy Second day of winter!  I'm ready for some snow!
Would love to hear your comments!  What are your favorite winter colors?

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Drywall is done!

Drywall is done, heat is on, garage doors are installed, fireplace and wood stove brick has been delivered and the painters are coming next!  Here is the outside.  Siding a roof are done.  Off to the left will be a second story deck that still needs to be added.  The front door will be a semi-dark gray on both the exterior and interior.  It's Sherwin Williams Westchester Gray (shown below).  There is a door for that top deck off to the left which you can't see in this picture, the exterior of the door will be the Westchester Gray and the interior of the door will be white.  Alright, let's head inside!

If you're walking in from the garage, the first room to the right, which is open to the hallway is the Laundry Room!  I can't wait to hang a lonnnnnggggggg row of hooks for coats and bookbags, and a white handled vase filled with lavender, and whatever other random things happen to end up there!  

This is the guest room on the main level, which will also be used as my Mascara Lounge.  

Excuse me while I admire my awesome natural video/picture lighting.....and this new mascara.

And, the dining room and living room are to the left at the front of the house when you walk in the entryway.  It currently, as you can see has a bunch of scaffolding in the way, so there's not a great picture of it this time.  But, I'm super excited.  I've always dreamed of a roomy entryway, almost a room in itself, and it pretty much is.  I can't wait to show it to you all!  Below, the dining room has bay window, and an sliding door out onto the (will be) covered porch.  Lots of family meals and parties will be held here!  And, lots of makeup parties coming soon!!!  

Connected to the dining room is the living room.  It will have a fireplace like the one shown below, except the brick is more of a dark gray with white grout.  I love the size of this room, and the ceiling height, ah!  I can't wait for a snow white Christmas tree to be put up in that back corner.  That will be mama's tree!  The girls tree with color lights will be in the basement!  

This is the fireplace, if you just chop off everything above the mantel.  Ours will not go to the ceiling, but it will be big and bulky like that, and the brick will be gray with white grout.  This will be a gas fireplace.  

And if you step outside the dining room and are standing in the entry (under said scaffolding) and look up, this is your view.  I am so excited about the railings that I have chosen for these steps!  They're going to make a HUGE statement!  But, that's a reveal for another day.  

Let's head uptairs for a better view of the kitchen!  This will all be open.  There will be a large island right smack in the center, and right next to the stairs in the corner will be a wood burning stove with an exposed pipe that runs all the way up through the roof!  Can't wait for a beautiful snowy, winter day!  If you look closely you can see a paint color ;)  

In this pic, to the left is the kitchen and the right is the entryway.  Hard to see.  I'll get better pics when they move that scaffolding, but here you can see a great view of all of the skylights!  There are 5 in total.  2 above the kitchen and 3 above the entryway.  

Upstairs there are three bedrooms. First one pictured here will be my girls room that they will share.  Second picture is a smaller room, which I LOVE the size!  This will tentatively be their playroom ;)

The girls bathroom.  This will get some gray tiled floors - which are a high end Vinyl flooring.  And, it will boast a huge farmhouse style sink!  

And, lastly, the master bedroom.  It's a nice size room.  I've never loved big bedrooms.  I think this house plan has the PERFECT size rooms and all the space was in the correct places for what we need.  

And, the master bathroom.  I can't wait to soak in that tub........

and look at this view.  

Until then we will all keep dreaming of move in day, as we head back to our rental house in the city.  

Can you tell what it's going to look like yet?  I'd love to hear your comments below! 

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever! Psalms 107:1

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wintery Plums

Watch how I get this look:

Sweet Rosemary Chicken Thighs

This is one of my favorites quick recipes that I can usually throw together with things from my pantry. I didn't have a lemon on hand, so instead of the lemon zest and juice I dropped in a couple drops of my Lemon Essential Oil. My husband doesn't like "too citrusy" so just a few drops did the trick. 

Here's what you need! 

6 Chicken Thighs - skin on
2 Cloves of garlic (I use two small squeezes from prechopped garlic)
1 tsp of Lemon Zest
1tsp of Lemon Juice
1 Tbsp Chopped Rosemary
1/4 cup of Pure Organic Maple Syrup
1/4 cup of Olive Oil
1tsp yellow mustard
1/4 tsp salt
salt and pepper to taste

My Lodge Cast Iron pot has been getting a workout lately, and tonight was no different. It's just makes everything so much better, but if you don't have one, a large skillet or pot will do just fine. 

Over medium heat, fire up the stove, and in your pot give a couple swirls around the pan of olive oil. Lay your 6 chicken thighs bone side down around the pan in a single layer. Coat with salt and pepper to taste. 

Let that cook up about 5-7 minutes. Meanwhile, in a small bowl combine all other ingredients, and set to the side.

Flip your chicken. Drizzle a bit of your sauce mixture onto the chicken, I do just a bit on the underside. I let this cook about 5 minutes until almost done. Flip 'em once again and add the sauce to the top of the chicken thighs. I usually turn down the heat to let them finish up slowly while I prep the rest of my meal.

When they're cooked through, remove them from the pan, and enjoy! 

Xoxo, Jennifer 

 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. Romans 15:13

Monday, October 10, 2016

Herb Storage

Check out the video below to see how I store my basil in the fall and winter!  Follow me on Facebook!  @jherring4

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Homemade Croutons

I had a bunch of people asking for my recipe, so here it goes!  I don't do much measuring for this, just kind of a throw it all into the pan and hope for the best type deal.  You can't really mess it up really!

Here's what you need:
Day old crusty bread, cubed. (1/4 loaf of sandwich bread)
Olive Oil
Handful of Fresh Herbs like Rosemary, Basil, Thyme, Oregano, Parsley or
Dried Italian Seasoning
Salt & Pepper to taste

In a pan I go around about 2-3 times with olive oil.  Turn the burner on med-low heat and let it heat up.  Meanwhile, I cube my bread and chop all of my herbs.  Sometimes I use my homemade bread, and sometimes I use sandwich bread.  I use whatever I have.  I use probably the equivalent to a quarter to a third of a loaf of bread.  Just eyeball it.

Back at the pan, I throw in garlic.  I use prepared garlic that is already chopped.  I don't like a ton of garlic, so I just do maybe the equivalent to one clove.  Mix it around for about a minute.  Then, add in my cubed bread.  Stir it around and let the oil coat it.

Add in my chopped fresh herbs or dried Italian seasoning.  And, top it off with salt and pepper to taste.  Me?  Easy on the salt, load on the pepper.  Stir them around occasionally until they are toasted, and ENJOY!